Somerset Tax Services, LLC has celebrated more than twenty years of service at our present location.

 The COVID pandemic brought changes to firms across the nation. It was an opportunity to restructure, to redefine mission, to modify the scope of services offered and how they would be delivered.

Important changes for us included determining what we do best and how we can deliver the best product to our clients.

The result of that analysis means the following services are no longer supported by our firm:

Business tax returns; including corporations, partnerships, LLC’s and self-employed individuals. We do not prepare employment tax returns, W-2’s, or 1099’s. This includes employment reporting for household employees such as health care attendants.


We do not offer tax-planning; we are focused on compliance.

We are not available for tax inquiry and resolution of issues with tax authorities except for our current clients where we have prepared the returns.

Most actual production work is performed at a remote location.

Our office hours are limited and our ability to accept new clients is restricted. We accept approximately five new clients a year.

Please see the New Year message tab for more information.

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with many of you through the years.

I will miss you. I encourage you to associate with larger firms that provide year-round office staff and support for complex, time intensive, situations.

Thank you.