Business Tax Returns

Our firm focuses on tax compliance for individuals and small businesses. Whether your company is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietor, we can assist you with both tax preparation and bookkeeping services. Keeping good records during the year allows a business owner to know whether they are generating a profit or a loss and eliminates tax surprises at year-end. Failure to maintain proper accounting records during the year can lead to the late filing of tax returns, surprise tax liabilities and penalties and interest for late filing or underpayment of taxes. We suggest that business records be summarized on a monthly basis for active businesses and not less than quarterly for smaller enterprises. As a minimum please provide bank statements, credit card statements and payroll records. Our fees for bookkeeping are very competitive, with many businesses qualifying for our minimum fee of $125 per month. Please call if we can assist you in preparing your accounting records. Please be aware that bookkeeping is billed separately from tax preparation. If bookkeeping is required at the time of tax preparation, seasonal rates will apply.